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What Drew You to the AV Field?

We’re celebrating AV Week by asking an AV related question every day. Along with answers from around the Chief offices, we want to hear from you!


Tuesday’s question: What drew you to the AV field?

“I entered the AV field 10 years ago. The energy, growth opportunities and constant innovation within the AV industry were the main reason I wanted to jump on board.” — Nathan Bohl, Manager of Product Management

“The AV field is all about what’s new and what works; I find that very appealing.” — Liz Aboobaker, Associate Product Manager

“The AV field incorporates so many different types of technology with video, sound, lighting and display systems. The technologies are always changing and being enhanced, so it is such a great industry to be part of since there is always something being introduced to the market that is cutting-edge.” — Frank Pisano, Sales Manager Pro AV

“Love of music.” — Rob Zurn, Product Manager

“What drew me to the AV field was really the people at Chief. I worked with a few of them previously at a different company and knew they were great coworkers. The more time I spent with colleagues at Chief and our partner companies, I came to realize a common thread throughout the AV industry is awesome, enthusiastic people.” — Karen Smidt, Associate Marketing Manager

What drew YOU to the AV field? Put your answer below!

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