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What do you look forward to most in the next year in AV?

We’re celebrating AV Week by asking an AV related question every day. Along with answers from around the Chief offices, we want to hear from you!

Friday’s question: What do you look forward to most in the next year in AVAV Week Logo

“New products and gizmos.” — Wade Link, Product Manager

“I look forward to seeing which companies invest in product development and continue to drive innovation throughout the AV industry.” — Nathan Bohl, Manager of Product Management

“I look forward to seeing how our dealers use Chief products with the newest technologies-it’s going to be an exciting year!” — Liz Aboobaker, Associate Product Manager

“It seems every year we have a new market or product segment that gains strong momentum.  Whether it’s video conferencing, digital signage, corporate, education, or another market segment, it’s always exciting to see what markets will have the strongest growth for us.” — Frank Pisano, Sales Manager Pro AV

“A life in the “cloud.” — Rob Zurn, Product Manager

“Working on the next big Chief product launch!” — Karen Smidt, Associate Marketing Manager


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