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Video Series Provides Recessed Video Wall Tips

Chief  has created a series of online videos with Chief Training and Installation Manager, Mike Moon, to help provide tips and tricks for great looking and functional recessed installations using the ConnexSys™ Video Wall Mounting System.

“Tricky recessed installations call for some special techniques and planning to take full advantage of all the ConnexSys features,” said Moon. “We’re getting a lot of great feedback on the video wall solution, and installers are interested in finding out how best to make use of the cords and adjustment capabilities. We made this series as a response to those requests.”

video capture shot

In the series, viewers can choose which videos they want to watch based on their particular situations. The videos cover the following topics:

  • Sunken RapidDraw™ cord routing
  • Floating RapidDraw cord routing
  • RapidDraw screen release
  • Determining the minimum recessed depth
  • Screen alignment within recess
  • Floating plane adjustment tips
  • Rigid depth adjustment tips
  • Strut channel use
  • Cable routing for power and signal
  • Ventilation

Launched in March 2014, the ConnexSys Video Wall Mounting System solves the most common problems installers often run into on the worksite relating to speed, alignment, serviceability and rigidity.

ConnexSys is available in landscape (LVS1U) and portrait (LVS1UP) versions with rails, and can be ordered without rails (LVSXU and LVSXUP) so installers can take advantage of longer length strut channel from local sources.

Read more about the story behind the mount and watch an installation video at

Mike Moon is looking for more questions from installers that he can answer. Got a question about a tough mounting situation? Email him at or tweet us with #AskAVMike at @chiefmfg.

Mike Moon

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