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Bolt Down Video Wall Mount Just Got A Boost

Posted on by joelhagen

Chief has engineered video wall mount height extender accessories to allow higher sightlines on all Fusion bolt-down solutions.

“Almost immediately after we released the bolt-down video wall mounts, we were getting requests from customers for the option to raise the height of the walls,” said Kathryn Gaskell, Product Manager. “These accessories will meet that demand without compromising the safety of the installation.”

The extenders come in two lengths and are designed to safely raise the height of the lowest display row of bolt down mounts by 18 or 36″ (457 or 914 mm). Larger configurations like the 3×3 landscape and 3×2 portrait are limited to 18″ (457 mm) of height extension. Installers are asked to carefully follow instructions to ensure the safety of the finished installation. Read more details on the FCABX18 and FCABX36 by downloading the compatibility flyer.


Video Wall Mount Extender video wall mount 36 inch extension bolt down video wall mount

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