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Chief News

Chief Introduces Multi-Depth In-Wall Boxes

New multi-depth in-wall boxes are now shipping from Chief.

In order to improve on in-wall box solutions, engineers from Chief talked to customers about in-wall boxes to find out what was working well and what more could be done to solve installation problems.

“We found out they wanted good trim kits and covers that could be ordered separately to match real world installation conditions. Many times, the boxes are installed by electricians long before the AV installation takes place, and attaching flanges and covers at that stage works against the construction,” said Luke Westin, product manager.

In some regions, it’s becoming more common for commercial construction to use thinner stud bays, Westin said. Installers needed boxes that allowed for shallower depths.

depth adjustable in-wall box

Chief engineers took this feedback to create an in-wall box with the features to meet various requirements.

Features include:

  • Break away edges change the depth of the box in order to match either 3.5″ or 2.5″ stud bays (89 or 64 mm)
  • Separate and/or pre-configured ordering options for box, flange and cover to coincide with the timing of installation in the field, and at no additional MSRP or list pricing cost
  • Ample space to hold commonly used video scalers
  • Packaging that also serves as a wall template and temporary construction cover
  • Easier knockouts to quickly customize the box to specific needs on site
  • Integrated universal zip tie anchor points
  • Cover with breakaway knockouts for cable routing and ventilation as well as tamper proof security
  • Ability to mount to studs or, with the addition of optional flange, to drywall

in-wall box PAC525 PAC526 in-wall box

The in-wall boxes come in two sizes. The PAC525 is 9 x 14.25 x 3.9″ (229 x 362 x 99 mm), and the PAC526 is 14.25 x 14.25 x 3.9″ (362 x 362 x 99 mm). Both in-wall boxes come in black, but the flanges and covers can be ordered in black or white and are paintable to blend with any environment. They work with any dual stud wall mount.

Download a flyer with all the ordering options here.