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Chief News

Minnesota Operations Center Holds Grand Opening

Milestone AV Technologies held a grand opening and open house on Friday, Aug. 5, at the new 240,000-square-foot location in Shakopee, Minnesota. The new Minnesota Operations Center will house Chief Assembly Operations, SANUS Distribution and strategic inventory for Da-Lite.


The new facility hosts over 125 team members in operations and distribution. The design test assurance lab was moved from headquarters in Eden Prairie into an expanded space in the new facility. The new home is in the southwest Minneapolis/St. Paul metro region and within eight miles of the current locations.

“It’s a great new home for chief product assembly and distribution for our consumer products,” said Scott Gill, CEO, during his remarks at the ribbon cutting.

“We have a long history of investing in Minnesota,” Gill continued, referring to the Minnesota origins of Chief, Sanus and Vaddio. “Milestone has always been about looking to the future while honoring the past. We are well positioned for a bright future ahead with this operation as a cornerstone of our ongoing service levels to our customers.”


As an organization, Milestone works to continuously improve footprint and areas of operations in Minnesota. Leases were set to expire this year at the previous locations for Chief and SANUS. Combining the operations under one roof provides opportunities across the brands to manage costs and become more operationally efficient. The facility also can expand to 300,000 square feet when needed.