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Chief News

Historic building gets modern AV overhaul


Video Reality was hired by the Oklahoma City University College of Law to help upgrade the audiovisual in a pre-1900s building the school had recently purchased. The property had served as the original Oklahoma City High School and featured a very unique design, which created challenges for mounting digital signage, racks, projectors, displays and other AV components. Adding to the difficulty, the building was protected as a historical property so certain areas couldn’t be modified in any way.



Video Reality chose to outfit the entire building with Chief mounts and racks due to the large line of products offered by the company. The five-story building is now equipped with over two dozen digital signage displays, 20-plus conference and study rooms with wall mounted displays, 15 classrooms with dual 80″ displays, and state-of-the-art technology equipped grand hall, theatre room, distance learning room and café.



The end project turned out great, according to Chris Tower of Video Reality. The customer is extremely happy with the AV and hardware installed, and they continue to add more equipment to the school each week.