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Five reasons to join the new standard in suspended ceiling projector mounting

Posted on by admin

Front projectors in Pro AV are typically installed in suspended or false ceilings that are comprised of 600×600 mm tiles. Although for many integrators, this installation can be a repetitive weekly or daily task, the variety of obstructions above the suspended ceiling can provide a wide array of challenges.

Chief’s suspended ceiling projector mount kits solve a host of challenges to make front projector installation faster and secure. U.S. integrators have been using suspended ceiling kits for years as an answer to this challenge, and it is beginning to catch on as the fastest growing projector mount category in the EMEA region. With the large number of such solutions sold each year worldwide, it may not be the “alternative” solution some installers might think it is.

It’s time to change.

Chief’s new SYSAUW suspended ceiling projector system provides speed and versatility to meet 90 percent of ceiling projector installations with suspended ceilings. The new design incorporates an improved suspended ceiling plate, column system, mount and universal interface. All the adjustment capabilities drastically reduce the need for digital adjustments in the projector, which can negatively affect image quality.

Consider this post a primer on the many reasons, practical and economic, why you should join the movement toward using suspended ceiling mount kits as a standard practice.

Five Reasons to Use Chief’s SYSAUW Suspended Ceiling Solutions over Conventional Projector Mount Kits

Cost efficient, faster installation

  • Adjustable columns are not required.
  • Works for majority of installations.
  • All-in-One Kit simplifies and speeds up ordering.
  • Adjustable column system reduces site survey needs.
  • System comes out of the box in the order needed with mount and column preassembled.

Quick relocation

  • The adjustable column quickly allows installer to place projector at right height and location in the ceiling tile.
  • Adjustable ceiling plate allows placement above or below tile and accommodates inconsistent T-grids.


  • Conduit, pipes or other structures can often block the position where installers want to mount the column. The suspended ceiling kit eliminates this issue as the cable can be positioned in a variety of locations.

Secure and rigid

  • Positive drive system keeps tool-free adjustments in place once set – no need for set screws.
  • Improved universal interface easily locks/unlocks at the projector connection.


  • Quick-disconnect from interface to projector and interface to mount for easy access while maintaining registration.


How to install a suspended ceiling mount

Start as usual by measuring out the location where the projector should be mounted in the suspended ceiling tile for optimum performance.

Measuring ceiling tile

Then make a hole in the suspended ceiling tile and place it back in the ceiling grid. (If installing the plate above the tile.) The tile-hole cutter is included in Chief’s kit!

Cut tile hole

Instead of installing an extendable column above the suspended ceiling, this suspended ceiling kit is placed within the tile grid (avoiding potential above tile obstructions). The adjustable ceiling plate allows placement above or below tile and accommodates inconsistent T-grids.


A short, fully height adjustable column is then pushed up through the collar to the correct level. This allows installers to achieve any desired drop below the suspended ceiling very quickly with just a very short column. The adjustable 0-304 mm column comes with dual inlay channels for high and low voltage cables. An esthetic finishing ring and a security set screw are included with the product.


Four heavy-duty cables connect the suspended ceiling plate to the structural ceiling for quick and easy tie-off with WireVice locks. Hardware for both wood and concrete are also included.

To finish up the installation, the SYSAUW’s tool-free MicroZone adjustable mounts make quick work of alignment.

Just shipping, Chief also has a new storage option designed for the SYSAUW. It can change size as needed and offers side access for shallow plenum depths. This can be ordered as part of the kit or separately.


For more, take a look at our video here:


Note: Video shows SYSAUB, not available in the EMEA region.