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Chief News

Coming Soon: Your New AV Experience with Chief, Projecta and Da-Lite

For the past several years, a team made up of folks from departments across the Milestone AV Technologies organization have been defining and working on what it means to be the easiest partner to do business with. We wanted to find that next level of service we could provide to Chief, Projecta and Da-Lite customers that would make their lives easier. We didn’t want to assume we knew, so we went right to the source – you.

We hit the road to interview folks on what being easy to work with means to them. Over 150 interviews were conducted across 90 integration firms and documented to begin the effort. We conducted surveys. We talked with internal and external teams, managers, installers, dealers, purchasers and more – in order to find out what we were doing well and what we could do better.

“We have a successful history of following installers around, watching how they use our products and then developing even better ones,” said Laurie Englert, Vice President – Customer Experience. “We decided to aim that same process at developing the next level of service for everyone in our customers’ office from engineering to purchasing. The real a-ha moment was realizing we didn’t necessarily need something new, we just needed to do what we do better.”

A theme in the research that kept appearing was the desire for one, consistent experience across Milestone brands. Customers wanted access to up-to-date, reliable information on orders and products from all brands. In short, they wanted many of the same features found on leading consumer websites like Amazon – an Amazon of AV so to speak.

To do this, we needed to look not only at a digital experience, but also our processes and the way customers interact with us. Quite simply, we needed to find ways for our customers to have a consistent experience no matter how they contacted us. It could be via Chat, phone, website, sales person, etc. We needed an omni-channel experience. It was important to look for ways to streamline the experience to a new, much easier and convenient level of service.

We’re excited to announce a new experience coming soon with new ways of interacting with us, developed specifically to make life easier for you. Our EMEA partners have provided valuable input through site testing to ensure that this new experience will exceed your expectations.

What is our next level of service? You’ll find out soon!