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Chief Mounts Increase Room’s Flexibility

We asked for your best Chief installs, and boy did you deliver. We’re running a contest to share the best or most unique installs using Chief products in 2014. We’re sharing the entries on the Chief blog and on social media. One entry will win our grand prize.



CSS Presentation Systems of Columbia, Maryland, was tasked with helping renovate a company’s dual-use lunch room and safety training center. Their corporate customer wanted to use all the features of their Sharp interactive displays, which were nestled on the wall between encased areas.



The Chief PNRUB mount was selected as the best fit for the installation of the large panel displays, particularly because of the ability to pull the displays out from the wall and away from the encased areas. This gave the end user the ability to access the displays and provided better functionality for training uses.


The customer is happy with the successful installation and the functions that Chief mounts allow them to have in the environment.

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