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Chief News

Chief expands freestanding video wall solutions

Chief has introduced an expanded line of configurations for freestanding video wall mounts. In addition to the video wall carts launched in 2012, Chief is now shipping solutions for bolt down and portrait configurations as well as accessories to accommodate larger display sizes.

The freestanding solutions can be combined with accessories to achieve video walls up to three displays high and any length. ControlZone™ micro-height and leveling capabilities as well as plumb and lateral shift adjustment knobs make precise screen alignment both fast and simple. Portrait arrangements are available in both cart and bolt down solutions for retail or menu board applications. Other features include:

  • Independent adjustments for height and plumb to easily align displays without tools
  • Infinite vertical and lateral adjustments allow for tight display rows and columns
  • Integrated cable management for a clean installation
  • Landscape available in 2×2, 3×2 and 3×3
  • Portrait available in 3×1, 2×2 and 3×2

“The bolt-down is perfect for permanent digital signage in retail, corporate and hotel lobby applications, or any public space,” said Wade Link, product manager. “They also provide a great multi-monitor setup for control rooms or call centers. With interactive displays or touch overlays, the video wall becomes a great eye catcher for retail or even education.”

A new extension bracket accessory makes it possible to install up to 60″ screens on the 3×3 arrangement for a large 180” diagonal display to create lasting impressions on end users. The FCAX extension bracket comes in several lengths and works with the cart, bolt down and ceiling video wall mounts.

Bolt-Down 3 by 3

Portrait cart 3 by 2