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Chief News

Chief Adds Pull-Out Accessory to Fusion

Chief has developed a pull-out accessory to further enhance the new Fusion series of flat panel mounting solutions.

The new FCAV1U accessory can be used with any of the new dual stud Fusion fixed and tilt wall mounts, even portrait. This accessory provides greater flexibility to inventory and can be added to installs for easier servicing, especially in recessed applications.

New pull-out features include:

  • Up to 11.54” (293 mm) extension when combined with a Fusion mount
  • Retracts to 1.56″ (40 mm) depth from the wall (not including mount depth)
  • Optional latch to secure mount in home position
  • Plumb adjust to keep display in line with the wall
  • Can be used with tilt mounts and X-Large Fusion for increased mounting patterns up to 150 lb (68 kg) weight capacity

The FCAV1U is available now and will be replacing the LSMVU and MSMVU pull out mounts.

FCAV1U Picture