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Chief Adds Dynamic Height Adjust to Fusion

Posted on by admin

Chief is now shipping the new Fusion Dynamic Height Adjust Mounts to provide instant, tool-free height adjustment and greater accessibility to interactive displays. DHA Mounts are faster to position than electric display mounts and can be combined with a range of fusion accessories.

“Interactive displays are taking a bigger role in many AV applications,” said Kathryn Gaskill, Senior Product Manager. “Customers wanted greater flexibility in offering this technology in corporate and education environments. The height adjustment feature safely raises and lowers the display with almost no effort.”

Features include;

  • Mobile, wall and floor-supported solutions available
  • Height adjustable box allows up to 15.75” (400 mm) of vertical adjustment instantly
  • Starting height can be set at 3” (76 mm) intervals over a span of 12” (305 mm) for the cart and floor support solutions
  • Storage space in the floor-support and cart solutions
  • ControlZone for post-installation fine-tuning of height and leveling
  • ClickConnect offers an audible click when the screen safely engages with the mount
  • A full line of accessories can be installed with the mount and the entire unit can be adjusted together – including shelves, CPU holders and speaker adapters
  • Integrated security flag
  • Easy grip handles and locking flag for easy transportation (cart only)

Learn more at

LFD1U Mount LPD1U Mount LSD1U Mount