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Are You Ready for ISE?

We’re looking forward to seeing you at ISE 2016! We will be unveiling new series of mounting solutions as well as new product categories, so be sure to stop by booth 2-C42 for an up close look at how Chief can help with your next projects. Can’t wait? Here’s a preview!


Vertical & Portrait Projection Mounts

End users and Pro AV Integrators in multiple markets such as Sound & Stage, Digital Signage and Corporate, are seeing an increasing amount of applications and communication opportunities that require floor and/or portrait projection mount installation. Chief is introducing a single product that can be used for both Portrait and Vertical Projection applications providing a fast and rigid installation. Stop by and let us know what you think!


Suspended Ceiling Projector System

The SYSAUW Suspended Ceiling Projector System is designed to cut installation time by one-third.

The new design incorporates an improved suspended ceiling plate, column system, mount and universal interface.


For speed and accuracy of adjustment, a new mount was created that builds upon the breakthrough successes of the RPA and RPM, Chief’s award-winning projector mounts. The RPT mount’s absolute image control adds Tool-Free Microzone adjustment with a positive drive system to keep adjustments in place once set – no need for set screws.

The SYSAU Suspended Ceiling Projector System comes with the mount and column preassembled. The adjustable ceiling plate allows placement above or below tile and accommodates inconsistent T-grids. A detachable electric plate can be sent to the electrician for pre-wiring.

SYSAUB column

Centris Technology enables effortless fingertip positioning with new tool-free lock down. The adjustable 0-305 mm column has separate inlay channels for high and low voltage cables. The improved universal interface easily locks/unlocks at the projector connection. Quick-disconnect from interface to projector and interface to mount for easy access while maintaining registration.


Fusion Menu Boards

The new Fusion Menu Board Wall Mounts join a robust line of ceiling mounted solutions to execute any digital menu board application with perfect display positioning and flexible adjustments.

A single horizontal extrusion with depth adjustment aligns the screens quickly even on irregular mounting surfaces and allows easy access behind the displays for servicing. ControlZone Leveling provides micro-height adjustment. Centris tilt allows easy adjustment between +5 and -20 degrees.

LWM menu board wall mount

Other installer-inspired features include tool-free screen engagement and optional padlock security. The mounts are available in 3×1 and 2×1 configurations with portrait and landscape options and 4×1 and 5×1 configurations in landscape orientation. Combine to easily create longer menu boards. The mounts accommodate 40-55” screens and can use the same accessories that work across the ceiling and freestanding Fusion lines.


New Fusion Pull Out Accessory

The Fusion wall mounts underwent a refresh last year, and now the upgraded mounts can be enhanced with a pull-out accessory for recessed or small video wall applications. Enjoy the new Fusion features in a pull-out version that includes:

  • Set screws – keep the mount rigid and stable throughout the life of the installation
  • Nesting spacers – can be stacked to achieve any depth and reduce waste
  • Teardrop design – speeds up and eases installation through use of lag screws
  • Magnetized ClickConnect – makes it easy to store and access pull cords
  • Redesigned end caps – allow cables to be routed behind the poles
  • Additional lateral shift – shifts wall plate around electrical and low voltage boxes on the wall
  • Enhanced security – integrated security lever makes safeguarding displays easier
  • Extension rod – provides better accessibility to ClickConnect on extra large mounts
  • Interface hardware box – when displays will be mounted at a later time, hang interface hardware on mount rails without losing pieces

Don’t forget to see what Projecta and Da-Lite have for your AV projects as well. We’re all together at booth 2-C42.

And introducing, the all new Chief, Projecta and Da-Lite experience!

For years, we’ve been using your feedback to create better AV solutions. We find out what is making your job difficult and engineer solutions that fix it. Starting at ISE, we’re expanding that design thinking to every part of your online experience with us.

You asked for a better digital experience. We’re providing it. Find out how and register at our ISE booth 2-C42.

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