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An Out of Sight Install

We asked for your best Chief installs, and boy did you deliver. We’re running a contest to share the best or most unique installs using Chief products in 2014. We’re sharing the entries on the Chief blog and on social media. One entry will win our grand prize. Find out more about the contest here.


An engineering company in Columbia, South Carolina, wanted a state-of-the-art atmosphere for their offices. To achieve a clean and elegant look, they wanted all audio/visual equipment to be concealed when not in use. All equipment needed to be integrated through a standards-based control system for ease of use.

“The client had extremely high expectations and made those clear to our team from the beginning,” said Adam Dox, Vice President of Sales for Advanced Video Group, Inc.

Automated tv mounts


The team at Advanced Video Group, Inc., concealed all technology in custom cabinetry and ceilings. Through the use of lifts, the components can be raised and lowered on demand through the control system. Limitations in the cabinetry and ceiling space posed a further challenge and need for low profile solutions.

The design team evaluated the entire projector lift market and found that Chief’s SL151 could accommodate the largest sized projector that would fit in the limited space due to sheetrock soffit.

The projection screen also had to be installed in two phases. They put the case in first so the ceiling trim could be finished clean to the case. They came back to add a motorized door to conceal the opening in the ceiling, which the Da-Lite Advantage Deluxe Electrol delivered.

Also included in the install: a Fusion tilt wall mount and Chief rack accessories including shelves, blanks and vent panels.

projector lift


“Our team was able to meet and exceed all expectations while staying within budget,” Dox said.

The client was pleased to see his vision become a reality, and the team took pride they were able to take on and excel when faced with a challenging project.

projector lift again

Rack accessories